About Grotime

At Grotime, we’re all about quality.
Quality design, quality materials and quality production. We understand the needs of today’s parents and design our furniture to complement contemporary homes and modern families. Whether it’s a convertible cot to grow with your child, or a compact cot for apartment dwellers, we’ve got you covered. We also have a strong link to our heritage, and our brand represents the youthful, urban outdoorsy culture of Australia.
Uncompromising craftsmanship and modern styling, through inspirational and bold design choices.

Sleeping baby
We prioritise a good night’s sleep by creating safe and comfortable sleep environments for your children - if Baby sleeps well, so do you.
• Cots that conform to the strict Australian standard.
• Firm, supportive mattresses that are just what babies and children need for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.
• Intuitive light and sound technology for minimal disturbance during the night.

Smiling girl

Our products are designed for real nurseries, for real children, and real parents. We don’t design around how it will look in a shop or showroom; we’re parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters so we get it.
• easy to assemble.
• ergonomic and intuitive design.

Boy in field
Our designs are inspired by Europe, and we pay close attention to the Milan and Scandinavian furniture shows.
We adapt these styles to the Australian market - our products are unique and designed by Australians for Australians, and suit a range of budgets.
New Zealand
We source our wood from sustainable pine forests in New Zealand - we believe in sourcing the best materials with minimal impact to our planet.
Our factory manager in China is a fine craftsman with over twenty years experience overseeing the manufacturing of timber cots. We have a dedicated and closed factory in China which means that only Grotime cots are made there and that we can control the quality from start to finish.