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General Information

My Order / Shipping

When will my order be dispatched?

Dependant on the time period and your location, delivery does differ, however once you have placed an order you will receive an order confirmation email to let you know that we have received it. From there it can take 1-2 days for the item to leave for dispatch, you will know when your product has been dispatched as you will receive another email confirmation. The email will also include tracking information for your peace of mind. If for some reason you did not receive tracking or an order confirmation, we recommend contacting our lovely customer care team on 1300 924 632.

Why is my tracking information pending?

Orders are shipped out as a bulk dispatch, this may be why the courier company have not yet scanned the parcel. If you are unsure, it is best to get in contact with the Courier company as they will be able to give further instruction.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping does differ depending on your State of Residence. Infa Group is located in Sydney, NSW. If you are unsure of how long an order will potentially take, we recommend getting in contact with our Customer Care team who will be able to give you an approximate timeline as to when you can expect delivery. It is important to note that during the busy holidays periods delays may occur.

How do I track my order?

Want to track your order? The whereabouts of your item/s can easily be checked via the Tracking information provided to you. Once your order has left for dispatch, an email will be sent. You will receive the Courier information and from there you will be able to go to the website and track your item/s using the consignment number. If you did not receive tracking or you are experiencing difficulty with the tracking details provided, please email through to

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Sorry, our shipping service does not ship our products to P.O. boxes. If you need assistance in how to get your order to you, please feel free to reach out to us at

Repairs / Replacements

My dog chewed my tether strap. Is this replaceable?

The Tether strap is a replaceable part of a restraint, however this part can only be replaced by an authorised repairer as it is a highly important safety feature. If you wish to go ahead with a repair please complete the attached repair form

Can I replace the harness straps myself?

The answer is yes! Harness straps can be replaced by yourself. When ordering it is important that you check your seats model code and purchase the correct harness set for your seat! If you are unsure, please contact our Customer Care team and they will advise.

Please see link to purchase:*&type=product

How can I locate a fitter in my area?

Please see below link to locate the nearest fitter in your area!

The Seat foam has come away from the shell; is this safe to use?

The seat base foam is only glued down during manufacturing to prevent it from falling off down the production line. This is not a safety issue concern if the foam has lifted off the glue and the restraint can be used as normal. It doesn't need to be glued back down as the cover will keep it in place, however you can re-glue it with a bit of hot glue if you'd prefer to.

Covers & Inserts

What covers are compatible with my restraint?

InfaSecure covers are mostly unique to the seat itself and the model code. An easy way to check your model is by referring to the model code (this can be located on the back of the restraint under the seats covers) For most newer model's barcode label states the model code as well as product name. Covers are available online, we do recommend contacting our Customer Care team for confirmation to ensure the covers are compatible with your restraint.

Press stud configuration does vary between models. If you are unsure, please contact our lovely Customer Care team via and provide some photos for identification.

Can mould be safely removed from my restraint?

Unfortunately, if any of the webbing has come into contact with mould, the seat must be replaced as it cannot be cleaned/ safely removed, as mould spores eat away and destroy the integrity of the webbing. If you are unsure as to whether your seat needs replacing or if the mould has affected the webbing, email through some photos and our Customer Care team will inspect this for you.

The press stud on my car restraint has come away from the shell, how can I fix this?

The press stud that has come away from the shell is easily able to be popped back into place. This will not affect the safety of the seat in any way.If you have any concerns, please feel free to email through some images to our Customer Care team and they will advise.


Can I use ISOfix and a seatbelt install at the same time?

An ISOfix compatible restraint can be installed using either ISOfix or the standard seatbelt install. But never both at the same time as this is compromises the safety of the seat. For further information on Installation of Infa restraints, please contact our wonderful Customer Care team.

Why doesn't my 0-8 car seat feature ISOfix?

ISOfix is only suitable for children aged 0-4 years. It is not allowed under the Australian standards AS/NZS 17:54:2013 as ISOfix is only designed into seats that cater for rear facing or forward facing for children up to 4 Years of age. Any seat that caters for children over 4 years, cannot have this feature added.

Why doesn't the Achieve have ISOfix?

The Achieve is a 0-8-year Car restraint. ISOfix is only suitable for children aged 0-4 years. It is not allowed under the Australian standards AS/NZS 17:54:2013 as ISOfix is only designed into seats that cater for rear facing or forward facing for children up to 4 Years of age. Any seat that caters for children over 4 years, cannot have this feature added.

All About My Child Restraint

How do I adjust the buckle height?

The buckle is supplied in a shortened position, if you want to alter the buckle height, please follow the required steps attached below:

Do I need an Extension strap to fit my restraint?

Cars with anchor points in the rear of the vehicle or the boot floor may require an extension strap when a seat is in rear facing mode.

What's the minimum weight range for a restraint?

There is no weight limit for our restraints, the usage is based off the shoulder height markers stitched into the cover.

Can I keep my child in a restraint above the dotted line? Shoulder marker 10mm variance?

A child can stay rear facing to the top of the label itself, as there is a 10mm allowed variance during manufacturing for the placement of height markers and the distance between the label and the height marker is 10mm.There is a manufacturing allowance for the position of the label as per the AS/NZS 1754:2013 standard.

2 in 1 head cushion, is this suitable for my restraint with an adjustable headrest?

The 2 in 1 head cushion set, can be used in a restraint for extra padding around your child's head. Please note we recommend only using one cushion at a time with this restraint, due to the inbuilt headrest.

The tether strap is in the way, how do I place my child in the seat?

To get the baby in and out of the seat easier, it is recommended to loosen the tether strap so that it drops down out to the way, when getting in and out and then re-tightening once you've gotten bub in/out.

Can I place a towel under the restraint to assist with the recline?

A rolled/folded towel or our recline foam bar can be usedon rearward facing child restraints to assist with achieving the optimal recline for your child restraint.

It is industry standard to place a rolled/folded towel at the lower end, at the seat bite, to flatten out the vehicle seat if the angle is too high for a restraint. Just ensure you are not exceeding the maximum allowable recline as stated in the car restraints instruction manual.

What is a side swapping tether adjuster?

To continue to provide you with the favourite features you love from some of our top selling seats, we have designed the CS8813/CS8913 range with a side swapping tether for easy accessibility and choice!

The Side swapping tether adjuster allows you to swap the side of your tether strap with just a few steps.

Ordinarily when you have purchased a car seat, the Tether adjuster is pre fitted to the passenger seat side. Certain InfaSecure models give you the ability to adjust the positioning of the tether adjuster to either side of the seat.

This feature is unique to InfaSecure as normally this is something that must be corrected by a fitter. s something that must be corrected by a fitter.

General Information

What are the main differences between the Attain and the Quattro?

The Quattro range & Attain Premium have the exact same seat shell, with the main difference being the fabric type, accessories & which stores stock them.

The difference between these models is that the Attain Premium features Secure Air, Bamboo Active fabric, buckle tongue holders, modular inserts or access to our Customer Priority Program which gives you access to lifetime discount on spare parts, extended warranty & priority response time to enquiries. If you are looking for a compact seat or need to accommodate room for more than the one restraint the Quattro or the Attain are the way to go.

Which is your tallest booster seat?

The Aspire Premium as well as the Aspire More. TheAspire Premium is a Booster Seat suitable for children aged between approximately 4 and 8-years-old. The Aspire features an adjustable, locking headrest which enables the seat to grow with your child. This child restraint uses the vehicles adult lap & sash belt. It also features a top tether strap for simple installation. Aspire is the tallest Booster Seat on the Australian market, seating children up to a seated shoulder height of 57cm. The main difference between the Aspire and the Aspire More is in the covers.

Can I remove the Adapt Capsule without unclipping the tether strap?

You certainly can! After many years of design & development, we have designed the Adapt More Capsule to provide you with the convenience of not having to reattach & readjust the Top Tether Strap every trip. You should only have to engage/reengage the Capsule itself, without adjusting the Tether Strap.

Do you stock the Arlo Adapters?

No we do not. Unfortunately, as this item has been discontinued, we no longer carry the spare stock/parts for it anymore.

Do you stock parts for the 529 highchair?

No, we do not. Unfortunately, as the Hi/Lo highchair was discontinued we no longer carry the spare parts such as covers or harness for the item anymore.

Where do I find the SAI Global serial number?

How do I find and read the Date of Manufacture on my product?