It’s not broken! How to clean your (gross) buckles!

You might have experienced it; your child’s car seat buckle doesn’t click in first go, pops out, won’t pop out, or feels sluggish or gooey.

Nine times out of ten, it’s something like juice, milk, crumbs, sand, dirt (or other gross stuff) – that’s found it’s way into the buckle, affecting it’s performance. It’s a normal, common care issue (not a fault) and can almost always be remedied with a quick wash.

If you’re having trouble with your buckle, before you do anything, follow these steps to give the buckle a clean and (more than likely) fix the issue;

Following these simple steps can help you save a lot of time (and potentially money), and means you won’t be without a working child restraint for any extended period of time. If you’ve washed your harness buckle and you’re still having issues, contact our customer service team and they’ll be happy to help arrange a replacement part for you.

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