New Car Seat Packaging

InfaSecure is launching new packaging design on selected new ranges, like the Eclipse Range! We've introduced a handy guide on the box to help you check the suitability of the car seat (before you buy it!) and if it's right for your child.

Checking car seat suitability

To check the suitability:

  1. Place the car seat box on the floor in store.
  2. Sit your child on the floor so their back is resting against the box.
  3. Check where their shoulders sit in relation to the shoulder height markers.

In the example above, the child is sitting next to an Emperor Eclipse box. Her shoulders sit just above the middle marker, which indicates that she can no longer Rearward Face and must only Forward Face in this seat. To learn more about shoulder height markers, you can read our super helpful blog here.

Having trouble working out which car seat to buy? You can talk to our friendly Customer Care team here!

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