This simple clip is more than meets the eye!

We include a SafeGrip Belt Clamp with just about all of our child restraints - do you know why?

The SafeGrip Belt Clamp

It's a unique little clip which clamps over the vehicle sash belt (the part that normally goes across your body and over your shoulder), right up next to the seat belt buckle. It's designed to stop the seat belt from feeding through the buckle, and has two main uses.

Using the SafeGrip with Car Seats

Car seats with inbuilt harnesses, whether they be rearward facing or forward facing, can use the SafeGrip to keep installation nice and firm. Check out the video to see how;

Using the SafeGrip with Booster Seats

The SafeGrip is used with booster seats in the same place - on the sash belt, as close to the buckle as possible, but this time it's going to lock the lap belt (the belt that sits across the tops of your child's thighs / pelvis), which helps reduce submarining. Submarining is when a child slides down, underneath the seat belt, and can cause very serious, potentially deadly internal injuries.

Submarining - this dummy would have likely sustained fatal injuries.

The great thing about this method of locking the lap belt is that the seatbelt can still be used as normal - you don't need to remove it to get your child in and out!

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