You've bought a new car seat - Now what?

So you've just bought a new car seat! But what do you need to do before installing it? There's a few things you can do to make installation easier before you head out to the car:

1. Adjust the harness and headrest (if applicable)

Put the car seat on the ground, loosen the harness and lift the headrest. Place your child in the seat and make the necessary adjustments of harness and headrest height to suit. Check out our article here about getting the correct harness height for your child! You can do this step in the car after the seat is installed, however, it is easier to do inside and on the ground if you need to repeatedly place the child in and out of the seat to make adjustments. If you've bought an InfaSecure convertible car seat, be sure to flip the wedge in the correct position for either rearward or forward facing.

2. Choose your car seat location in the car

Decide where you want to place your car seat in the car. We have a super helpful article here about which is the safest position for a car seat.

3. Decide whether you need travel accessories

Do you need a vehicle seat protector to prevent damage to your back seat? Window shades to protect your little one from the sun? We have a whole range of travel accessories.

4. Install the car seat

Follow the instruction manual and install the seat in the car (Not upside down, like the image above!). If you are not confident, we suggest that you contact a local fitter to install the car seat for you. Once the car seat is installed, place your child in the seat and make any more adjustments to the harness and headrest if necessary (children can sometimes sit differently in the seat once the car seat is installed).

If you're stuck and have questions about your car seat, we're always here to help!

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