About Infa Group

We have a proud past, and we’re committed to building an exciting future. Our Core Values guide our everyday actions as we move forward with our vision.

Our Core Values

  • We Care; We genuinely care to make a difference, from our family to yours.
  • Passionate; We believe in what we do
  • Keep It Simple; What's kept simple, gets done
  • Family is our life; Family is everything
  • Always First; Thinking outside the box to do it better

Our Culture

We like to think of our culture as the atmosphere of our workplace. Alignment with our company values and culture is essential to being part of our winning team.

Infa Group Brands

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About InfaSecure

We're a 4th generation, 100% Australian owned and operated family business. We're just like you - parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. We want what is best for our own children, and that hard-wired protective nature drives everything we do.

What We Do

We create safe, stylish and affordable child restraints and nursery products. We offer expertly engineered, high quality products at realistic, affordable prices, so that all families can benefit from our unique solutions. We create and offer you the products that our own families use.

We have the best team, and we develop and deploy the best technologies. We use the most prestigious 3rd party testing laboratories, and we have an innate understanding of what parents and carers need, because we’re parents too.

Combined, we engineer the safest and most advanced child restraints and nursery products to keep your family secure and protected.

What We Stand For

We believe every child is entitled to safety and we strive to be the leader in our industry. We have a determination to educate our customers and the wider market about best practice and car safety for children.

We are committed to open communication and being available to offer advice and answer questions for all parents and carers. We are dedicated to innovating, developing the best technology, and engineering and manufacturing the safest child restraints and nursery products to keep all children safe.

Our Innovations

We're constantly at the forefront of innovation, developing unique new ways to make parents' lives easier, and our precious children safer. Just some of our firsts include;

  • The first 0 to 4 compact convertible car seat in Australia.
  • The development of the top tether snap keeper clip.
  • The first revolving car seat in Australia.
  • The first pull-out bath change table solution in Australia.
  • The first 0 to 8 convertible car seat.
  • The first folding untethered booster.
  • The first Type G child restraint designed to harness children up to 8 years old.
  • The first Type A4/G child restraint, designed to offer extended rearward facing, and extended harness use in forward facing mode.

Our world class research and development team have been at the forefront of car safety since 1977, with a combined 120 years experience in the design, development and testing of child restraints.

We've also had a very significant influence on the Australian Standard.

We pioneered the current methods of energy attenuation testing (testing typically used in bicycle and motorcycle helmet testing) as part of our ongoing product improvement and research and development programs, even though there was no requirement in the standard for such testing at that time. As a result, it's now a mandatory performance requirement for all child restraints certified to the Australian Standard.

Our anti-submarining designs played a huge part in shifting the focus onto the critical feature of anti-submarining, which is now classed as one of the key performance requirements for all child restraints, and our Air Cocoon Technology manufacturing techniques have also helped usher in much more strict requirements for side impact protection.

Our History

We've changed a lot over the last 60 years, from children's wear wholesale in the 1950's, a retail baby store in Eastwood NSW in the late 1960's, baby furniture and pram wholesale in the 1970's, and Australian manufacture of tubular and vinyl baby products in the 1980's.

In 1990, we started selling the Secure range of child restraints, bringing the first compact 0 to 4 convertible car seat to the Australian market. In addition to that, we developed the first multi-recline car seat for the Australian market.

Infa Products and Secure' Child Restraints merged in 2007, becoming the single largest Australian owned and operated child restraint company in the country.

Throughout our long history, one thing has remained consistent - providing parents with innovative, high quality, safe products at an affordable price.

About SecureSafe

At SecureSafe, we’re all about Safety, Quality, Comfort and Innovation.

We utilise the highest quality Engineering, Manufacturing and Human Resources, to bring top tier safety to your travel experience.

We are an Australian Family owned Business who have been in the Child Restraint & Child Safety industry for over 30 Years. Our products are designed to improve and nurture the lifestyle, comfort and safety of your child.

We are all about Quality

We are unapologetically uncompromising on quality of materials, manufacturing and design.

We are all about Safety

Safety is the most important aspect for any product designed for children, and we make sure they are packed full of safety technologies.

We are all about You

SecureSafe is all about its users, we are always striving to improve our products and experiences for the user.

SecureSafe is available exclusively at Baby Bunting. Click here for more information

About Grotime

At Grotime, we’re all about quality.
Quality design, quality materials and quality production. We understand the needs of today’s parents and design our furniture to complement contemporary homes and modern families. Whether it’s a convertible cot to grow with your child, or a compact cot for apartment dwellers, we’ve got you covered. We also have a strong link to our heritage, and our brand represents the youthful, urban outdoorsy culture of Australia.
Uncompromising craftsmanship and modern styling, through inspirational and bold design choices.

Sleeping baby
We prioritise a good night’s sleep by creating safe and comfortable sleep environments for your children - if Baby sleeps well, so do you.
• Cots that conform to the strict Australian standard.
• Firm, supportive mattresses that are just what babies and children need for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.
• Intuitive light and sound technology for minimal disturbance during the night.

Smiling girl

Our products are designed for real nurseries, for real children, and real parents. We don’t design around how it will look in a shop or showroom; we’re parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters so we get it.
• easy to assemble.
• ergonomic and intuitive design.

Boy in field
Our designs are inspired by Europe, and we pay close attention to the Milan and Scandinavian furniture shows.
We adapt these styles to the Australian market - our products are unique and designed by Australians for Australians, and suit a range of budgets.
New Zealand
We source our wood from sustainable pine forests in New Zealand - we believe in sourcing the best materials with minimal impact to our planet.
Our factory manager in China is a fine craftsman with over twenty years experience overseeing the manufacturing of timber cots. We have a dedicated and closed factory in China which means that only Grotime cots are made there and that we can control the quality from start to finish.

About TikkTokk

In 2001 entrepreneur Kevin Ferreira, followed his dream to create this children’s company that would provide the best and most exciting children’s home and educational furniture and utilities.

From humble beginnings in a home office, the company entered the educational furniture industry in 2001, quickly developing a reputation for design and quality, delivering products at highly competitive prices. The company grew into a strong and trusted brand becoming a market leader in various products especially wooden tables & chairs, easels and playpens. Designs were copied and competitors rose to try cash in on the success of the company and its key products.

At the end of 2008, Kevin took a 3 year hiatus from trading and sold off the primary business to a local company. During this time, toward the end of his contractual restraint period, Kevin researched increased production and safety standards, new designs and concepts, increased aesthetic appeal and designed a brand new range of products that completely changed the face of local production standards. During his hiatus, the questions he sought to answer were:

– How do I provide higher levels of safety?
– How do I create more fashionable and modern items?
– How do I ensure the customer always comes first with price and quality?
– How do I ensure that the items are so unique that no other competitor has anything close to our range?

The result of asking these questions is the new improved brand, TikkTokk.

From 2001, TikkTokk continues in the company tradition of exceptional quality but takes the innovative designs and safety standards to a much higher level representing an enormous leap forward in children’s home and educational furniture and accessories. This is an evolution in design and quality, where all previous designs have been significantly enhanced, new designs/ranges added, manufacture processes refined, value increased and service levels raised.

Drawing on thirteen years of experience, Kevin recreated the company from the bottom up. Redesigning and reworking every single stock item and then adding significantly to the product range.

About The Jiffle

A life with kids is a life with more. More to learn, more to love and more to carry; The Jiffle wagon is made for more. The Jiffle wagon is a 6 in 1 stroller with capsule compatibility, bassinet, seat, duo, ride along board and doubles as a wagon cart. It’s the perfect on the go solution that grows with you and is ideal for expanding families.

The Jiffle wagon 6 in 1 has been recognised for product innovation and has been awarded numerous accolades including the Baby Biography Bronze Award (2023)

The Jiffle wagon has plenty of space for all your stuff, excellent under seat suspension for comfortable strolls in all terrain and a large 60L cargo hold that can be locked for easy transport in the car. The Jiffle bassinet has the best ventilation and the best view for your baby and you, plus it comes with a summer and winter seat for additional comfort. The Jiffle wagon is also compatible with a wide range of capsules using the capsule adaptors.

Plus, the wagon can be folded flat and fast, with and without wheels and the cart can even be loaded directly into your boot full of stuff to maximise space.

That’s The Jiffle wagon, so how do you Jiffle?

About Leclercbaby

Leclercbaby was developed from the ambition to be free and to increase freedom of movement for parents. Leclercbaby stands for smart solutions. Problems exist to be solved and our brand was created with this in mind. As a parent, you automatically deal with less freedom of movement, a limitation that does not need to exist, according to the pioneers behind Leclercbaby. “We put our innovative minds together and our vision soon became clear...”

Making Parenting Easier

There are no written rules for parenthood. Parenting brings with it an enormous change, a world filled with love and new challenges. We at Leclercbaby want parents to feel the freedom to travel and ease parenthood. Our vision is clear: support parents in easing their daily role during this new phase of life. Our enthusiastic professionals, with a passion for simplicity, devote a great deal of attention to devising and developing high-quality goods before a Leclercbaby product hits the market. They always ensure safety is paramount and they are focused on our core values: convenience and comfort. We’ve set ourselves apart from the pack with our luxury strollers. Let us tell you how we managed to do so.

Never alone, always together

Every parent has felt the need for an extra set of hands when it comes to folding and unfolding a stroller. This can often lead to some frustration, which can prevent you from offering your child the attention they deserve. Problems such as these should be a thing of the past. Therefore, we have equipped our strollers with 100% convenience. You fold and unfold our stroller with the simple push of a button, freeing your other arm to stay focused on your child. Children on the side of the road can get themselves into trouble very quickly, and our strollers help alleviate that stress. From now on, you will always be able to fully focus on your child. With this functionality, which seamlessly connects to our "smart solutions" promise, we have brought an innovative development to market.