Our Manufacturing Process

At Grotime, we design with the end user in mind. We produce products that are functional, easy to assemble, and beautifully crafted.
We create with an emphasis on longevity, and we utilise the best possible joinery and painting processes to ensure maximum durability.

100% Sustainable New Zealand Timber

All materials used to produce our cots are sourced from sustainable NZ Pine plantations. We use only the best grade timber ensuring there are no knots or imperfections, resulting in consistently beautiful and always study furniture.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

Our manufacturing facility produces for Grotime only. The facility owner has over 25 years experience and is a skilled carpenter who places great emphasis on quality.
The Grotime production line incorporates hand craftsmanship to ensure maximum care and quality. We use Mortise and Tenon Joins on all of our cots, which are far more sturdy and stronger than traditional dowel joints found on most other cots.
In addition to this, we use an ultra high grade 2 pack polyurethane paint finish that limits chips and dents, and our automatic spray booth painting line, and 1km long drying run guarantees all products have identical flawless finishes.