About InfaSecure

We're a 4th generation, 100% Australian owned and operated family business. We're just like you - parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. We want what is best for our own children, and that hard-wired protective nature drives everything we do.

What We Do

We create safe, stylish and affordable child restraints and nursery products. We offer expertly engineered, high quality products at realistic, affordable prices, so that all families can benefit from our unique solutions. We create and offer you the products that our own families use.

We have the best team, and we develop and deploy the best technologies. We use the most prestigious 3rd party testing laboratories, and we have an innate understanding of what parents and carers need, because we’re parents too.

Combined, we engineer the safest and most advanced child restraints and nursery products to keep your family secure and protected.

What We Stand For

We believe every child is entitled to safety and we strive to be the leader in our industry. We have a determination to educate our customers and the wider market about best practice and car safety for children.

We are committed to open communication and being available to offer advice and answer questions for all parents and carers. We are dedicated to innovating, developing the best technology, and engineering and manufacturing the safest child restraints and nursery products to keep all children safe.

Our Innovations

We're constantly at the forefront of innovation, developing unique new ways to make parents' lives easier, and our precious children safer. Just some of our firsts include;

  • The first 0 to 4 compact convertible car seat in Australia.
  • The development of the top tether snap keeper clip.
  • The first revolving car seat in Australia.
  • The first pull-out bath change table solution in Australia.
  • The first 0 to 8 convertible car seat.
  • The first folding untethered booster.
  • The first Type G child restraint designed to harness children up to 8 years old.
  • The first Type A4/G child restraint, designed to offer extended rearward facing, and extended harness use in forward facing mode.

Our world class research and development team have been at the forefront of car safety since 1977, with a combined 120 years experience in the design, development and testing of child restraints.

We've also had a very significant influence on the Australian Standard.

We pioneered the current methods of energy attenuation testing (testing typically used in bicycle and motorcycle helmet testing) as part of our ongoing product improvement and research and development programs, even though there was no requirement in the standard for such testing at that time. As a result, it's now a mandatory performance requirement for all child restraints certified to the Australian Standard.

Our anti-submarining designs played a huge part in shifting the focus onto the critical feature of anti-submarining, which is now classed as one of the key performance requirements for all child restraints, and our Air Cocoon Technology manufacturing techniques have also helped usher in much more strict requirements for side impact protection.

Our History

We've changed a lot over the last 60 years, from children's wear wholesale in the 1950's, a retail baby store in Eastwood NSW in the late 1960's, baby furniture and pram wholesale in the 1970's, and Australian manufacture of tubular and vinyl baby products in the 1980's.

In 1990, we started selling the Secure range of child restraints, bringing the first compact 0 to 4 convertible car seat to the Australian market. In addition to that, we developed the first multi-recline car seat for the Australian market.

Infa Products and Secure' Child Restraints merged in 2007, becoming the single largest Australian owned and operated child restraint company in the country.

Throughout our long history, one thing has remained consistent - providing parents with innovative, high quality, safe products at an affordable price.